Housing Discrimination PSA Released

Housing discrimination is illegal under both state and federal law. When housing providers  deny a person a roof over their head because of their protected class status, it can negatively affect all aspects of their lives. At the CHRO, people file cases where this happens every day: families that can’t find housing because an apartment owner doesn’t want kids out of a misplaced fear that children will damage their unit; people with disabilities denied housing because a landlord is concerned about liability; tenants with Section 8 vouchers turned away because the landlord doesn’t want to be bothered with the requirements of the program; African-Americans told not to look for a new house in neighborhoods because of the color of their skin. Housing discrimination has a dramatic impact on all aspects of life including what schools, services and jobs people have access to based on where they are allowed to live.

To spread the message, the Commission has created a PSA about the spiral housing discrimination can cause.

The CHRO is committed to ending such discrimination. If you or someone you know has been discriminated against, please contact the Commission as soon as possible to file a complaint.